Our law office understands the growing sector in Restaurant, Food, and Beverage market in Ethiopia and aspires to be the first choice among major local and international market actors and lead the way in the restaurant, alcoholic beverage, and packaged-food and beverage practices.
5A Jurists Consultancy Group’s lawyers tasked with Restaurant, Food & Beverage matters provide comprehensive counsel to industry clients on day-to-day operational, compliance, and commercial issues, M&A and corporate transactions, regulatory challenges, and class action, and general litigation.
We provide our legal services to a wide range of national and international restaurant chains, wineries, breweries, early-stage restaurant ventures, food and beverage manufacturers and distributors, importers, distilleries, brand licensors, investors, and franchisors, among other industry participants.
We offer our clients a core group of industry-focused lawyers and consultants with deep sector knowledge, global reach, and extensive experience regarding all of the challenges restaurant, food, and beverage industry participants face.
Our Services include;
Provide brand protection.
Intellectual property optimization.
Provide legal support in franchising, brand licensing, and incorporate, operational, and securities matters.
Assist clients in leasing, litigation, insurance recovery, and regulatory compliance.


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