Our office provides clients access to a responsive, interdisciplinary, multi-jurisdictional team to address all aspects of complex real estate transactions.

5A lawyers work closely with corporate owners, investors, and developers to gain a thorough understanding of their real estate goals, both legal and financial. Also, our real estate lawyers have extensive experience in the acquisition, sale, and management of properties. Our expertise is a combination of our understanding of the marketplace and the rapidly evolving regulatory challenges, plus experience and a commercially minded approach. We are involved in all aspects of planning, negotiating, and executing real estate projects supported by integrated access to related practice area experience, including construction, environmental, regulatory compliance, litigation, and tax advice.
5A support to clients in the real estate sector comprises of;
Formation of a real estate company; Advising and assisting companies on legal requirements and process-related with obtaining land; Conducting due diligence on the immovable property to be used for real estate investment; Facilitation and negotiation on terms of transfer of land lease right for real estate development; and Drafting contracts of sale, servitude, and mortgage.


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