5A Jurists Consultancy Group represents buyers, sellers, and advisers in sophisticated, complex mergers and acquisitions in Ethiopia and Africa. We deal with transactions across scores of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, technology, industrial, consumer, retail, agribusiness, food and beverage, and travel and hospitality. Mergers and acquisitions are hence one of the key practice areas at 5A Jurists Consultancy Group.
Our office has been a part of some major merger and acquisition deals involving various actors; private equity and investment firms, strategic investors, development funds, banking institutions, and global corporations. Usually, the 5A Jurists Consultancy Group role in M & A transactions involves:

To review or assess the nature of the acquisition and ascertain its compatibility with Ethiopian laws. Advice on ways to formalize deals and provide a realistic mechanism to the client’s investments. Carry out legal due diligence on the specific company. Prepare and organize transaction documents such as Shareholders and Agreements, Term Sheets, Memorandum of Understandings, Subscription and Sale-Purchase agreements and assist in the amendment of the company’s major documents in line with shareholder’s decision.
Give counsel on competition aspects of the acquisition. Facilitating merger notifications and approvals from the relevant Ethiopian Authority. Assisting in the acquisition of shares by adhering to the legal procedures and compliance to the requirements of regulatory institutions such as the Ministry of Trade, the Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority, the Ethiopian Investment Commission, the TCCPA, and the Document Authentication and Registration Agency.


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