5A Jurists Consultancy Group’s engagement with clients facing or initiating litigation begins by developing a strategy in the best interests of our clients. We consider a range of options such as a trial, mediation, and arbitration and work closely with clients to determine the best plan of action.
We provide a high level of quality representation for commercial, civil and criminal cases with a commitment toward cost-effective litigation management. Our litigation lawyers are active in federal and state courts as well as administrative agencies. The group is comprised of dozens of skilled litigators with extensive trial experience. Former judges and president of the Supreme Court and the higher court forms part of our litigation team.

Areas of litigation include Criminal, Civil, and Family cases, real estate and construction, employment, creditors’ rights, contract disputes and interference, shareholder derivatives, ownership disputes, intellectual property and misappropriation of trade secrets, insurance, and other matters. Our lawyers also work to resolve issues when clients are served with subpoenas and with appeals. We also cover a range of issues from contract disputes, personal injury, insurance coverage, to real estate issues, and business wrongdoings


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