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Conceived and formally established by a group of highly experienced lawyers including Ali, Almaw, Alemu, Amare & Ashenafi (5A Jurists Consultancy Group PLC) is an aspiring full-service consultancy office in Ethiopia. The firm has highly experienced lawyers with a diverse legal experience of more than 30 years of legal experience in consulting and representing clients on wide range of legal issues in the country. Since its establishment, our firm has begun to make its early influence felt on the Ethiopian legal system including in drafting some of the major proclamations such as drafting the new Computer Crime Proclamation, the new Mass Media Proclamation 138/2021 as well as providing inputs and position paper on the draft Personal Data Protection Proclamation of Ethiopia. Our Law firm has experienced legal professionals with years of legal and administrative experience in the legal field making it easier for our team to have a pull of resourceful colleagues who can easily navigate through the legal landscape of the Ethiopian legal system.


We are committed to treating each of our clients with courtesy, respect and compassion regardless of the size of their case. We are a firm that will be here in the future, which we’ve guaranteed with a succession plan to maintain our exemplary service to you for decades to come.


5A Jurists Consultancy Group regularly works with domestic and international clients on business formation and financing as well as myriad corporate transactions, contracts, securities, mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. Our clients have come to rely on our practical problem-solving skills and our know-how to optimize opportunities when they arise.


5A Jurist’s Consultancy Groups construction attorneys routinely deal with issues in the construction industry from contracts to complex litigation and provide legal advice to local and international companies in the industry. We represent project owners, general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects, design professionals


5A Jurists Consultancy Group strongly believes the ICT and Telecom industry is a huge sector with significant benefits and potential for a country like Ethiopia with a bright future. We guide technology companies through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financings, and diverse agreements and contracts.


5A Jurists Consultancy Group’s other key area of focus is the power & energy sector. Ethiopia is a country that is power-thirsty thus, with huge potential and opportunity for companies engaged in the generation of power such as hydro, wind, geothermal, and solar power.


From daily operational issues through investigations and litigation, Triple-A law office clients include social welfare and philanthropic organizations, certification and accreditation agencies, and scientific and educational societies.


5A provides innovative tax solutions that meet the challenges and objectives of clients’ most sophisticated business dealings in Ethiopia, from corporate transactions and restructurings to financial transactions and fund formation and investing.

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Conceived and formally established by Ali, Almaw, Alemu, Amare & Ashenafi (5A Jurists Consultancy Group PLC) is an aspiring full-service consultancy office in Ethiopia. With prominent lawyers and legal team that has over and above 30 years of experience in consulting and representing clients on a wide range of legal issues concerning business and investment in the country, our consultancy firm has begun to make its early influence felt on the Ethiopian legal system.


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5A Jurists were responsive and quick to take appropriate action. They provided us with wise counsel and also good guidance. We are extremely pleased with the level of professionalism & expertise they have.

FRI EL Ethiopia

Professional, efficient, and also personable. The team at 5A Jurists executed my case expeditiously and fairly. Highly recommend their services.


Everyone at 5A Jurists is professional, knowledgeable, & kind. I highly recommend this firm.

Mr. Eyob Belihu


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Brief Commentary on the Changes made on the New Mass Media Proclamation of Ethiopia

Mesenbet Assefa (Ph.D), Abel Gisila & Edom Getachew

The new Mass Media Proclamation 1238/2021 has introduced significant changes to the previous legal regime governing the media. The law has introduced commendable legal provisions that provide greater protection and space for media freedom as well as more flexibility with regard to investments in the media industry. In this brief commentary, we will provide the major changes made in the new Mass Media proclamation briefly.

1. Consolidating the Media Regulation The Mass Media Proclamation integrated two different areas of media regulation that were governed by two different legislations. Previously, access to information and the print media was regulated under Proclamation 590//2008, while the broadcast media was regulated under Proclamation 533/2007. The new Mass Media Proclamation repealed both proclamation 590/2008 and proclamation 533/2007, but in essence consolidated the regulation of the print and broadcast media in one single legislation.